Program Details

  • Target Audience: For people leaders and/or teams leading transformation and change who wish to strengthen their leadership and management skills around enabling teams, aligning to mission, innovation, adaptation and managing change.

  • Number of Participants: The recommended minimum is 14 participants and the maximum number is 60 participants in a traditional classroom. However, each of the five simulations can be used in large conference events for up to a thousand participants at one time.

  • Program Duration: The program consists of five half days. Modules can be used individually, or in combinations of two, three, four, or five simulations. Each module is between two and three hours in duration.

  • Program Delivery: The program is designed to easily ‘snap-into’ a larger learning event, conference or in-class training program. This unique and creative experience has been used in a number of configurations for thousands of managers around the world to highlight the challenges and opportunities of managing and leading ‘from the middle’ of large organizations

Learning Outcomes

The program prepares leaders and managers for the challenges and opportunities of leading from the middle of the organization including:

  • Act as a bridge between strategy and execution
  • Leverage ongoing learning as a competitive strategy
  • Move from command and control to using more influence
  • Lead through organizational change and evolution
  • Model business stewardship
  • Work at both the strategy AND the implementation levels
  • Explore the difference between adaptive and technical challenges
  • See the company from a whole-systems perspective
  • Recognize the importance of networking and the need for leveraging diversity
  • Encourage experimentation, innovation and appropriate risk taking that aligns with and contributes to the organization’s overall mission


The League of Stars consists of the following five modules, each with a facilitated debriefing:








Summary of the Experience

The League of Stars is a unique modular simulation program that provides leaders with an engaging learning environment based on the elements of today’s complex and challenging business and organizational realities. Through a series of wondrous and creative simulated, interconnected worlds that are strangely similar to real life, participants are challenged to develop key managerial and leadership mindsets and to practice behaviors that will help them in one of the most important roles in the organization – leading from the middle.

Participants are plunged into an exhilarating galaxy 1,000 years in the future. They face challenges and choices designed to bring them face to face with their own abilities as leaders, managers and team members. Together, they strategize, plan, and act. They face the consequences of their choices – without the real-world consequences of failure – in a fun, imaginative and sometimes stressful experience. Participants take risks, enjoy, learn, and take a quantum leap forward in their own development. It is a learning experience they will never forget!


Facilitated group debriefings after each mission (simulation experience) maximize the value of each of the five immersive experiences. The debriefings flow seamlessly into the larger workshops of a conference, training program or event. Participants draw key insights from their experiences, which are applicable to the real-world challenges they are facing and can be further leveraged in workshops built around deep exploration and discovery.



The League of Stars simulation series has consistently been rated by participants as one of the most powerful training experiences they have encountered. Launched in 1999, the program continues to be experienced by thousands of managers from across the world.

Client: The Boeing Corporation

What Our Clients Say

“Simply the most powerful learning experience that I have ever gone through. It challenged me, engaged me, delighted and surprised me, and it has given me tools to use back in the workplace. An unforgettable experience.”

Jeff Brighton

Client - The Boeing Corporation

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First Light

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The Aquanauts

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Alien Contact

League of Stars:


League of Stars:

The Journey Home


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