Program Details

  • Target Audience:For people leaders and/or teams leading transformation and change who wish to strengthen their leadership and management skills around enabling teams, aligning to mission, innovation, adaptation and managing change.
  • Number of Participants:The recommended minimum number of participants is 15 and there is no maximum. We have worked with as many as 400 participants in conference environments.
  • Program Duration:Two hours.
  • Program Delivery:The program is designed to easily ‘snap-into’ a larger learning event, conference or in-class training program. This unique and creative experience has been used in a number of configurations for thousands of managers around the world to highlight the challenges and opportunities of managing and leading ‘from the middle’ of large organizations.
  • Simulation 3 of the Five-Simulation Series


Learning Outcomes

  • Build real-time relationships with others at the conference or training event
  • Understand the link between connections, relationships and results
  • Realize the need to broaden and deepen a rich network of relationships
  • Develop the ability to find, access, and leverage information quickly and effectively
  • Recognize barriers that interfere with developing networks
  • Understand the link between networks of people and results

“This simulation can be used as an independent experience or can “snap together” as part of the League of Stars leadership series. This series is often used across multiple days for more immersive and intensive multi-day leadership development programs.”

“The participant’s mission is completed in a race against time with an unknown deadline and with participants facing ‘tremendous risks’ along the way… ”


Summary of the Experience

Alien Contact creates an environment where building a strong and mutually beneficial web of relationships is the key to success. For this reason, it is used in many leadership, management and team workshops. It also sets the stage, in real time, for participants to broaden and deepen their real-life networks during the learning program, and is thus also used to open conferences as a way to meet and get to know others in an active and enjoyable event.

During the simulation, participants quickly realize that they cannot really be effective in any part of their work or workplace until they recognize the value of relationships. The experience imparts lessons for building a deeper understanding of others and for creating support for individual, team and corporate success. Participants begin to see patterns within their own business and social networks that are both aiding and/or limiting their effectiveness.

Participants begin the experience with a challenging individual mission and goal. Some participants will immediately link up with others, sharing information, forming packs and expanding their connections. Other participants who remain isolated, begin to realize that they are left out of important information flows; they find themselves missing key opportunities and they start to realize how interconnected our work has become.

Over time, all participants gravitate towards forming purpose-focused teams that come together when needed for a time, and disband and reform quickly as required. The participant’s mission is completed in a race against time with an unknown deadline and with participants facing ‘tremendous risks’ along the way. The participants who earn the most ‘Star Points’ by the end of the mission are declared the winners. This is followed by an interactive debrief that is designed to lead participants to the rich and valuable insights they will transfer back into their daily professional lives.


Alien Contact brings to life the very real value of creating and maintaining relationships within and across the silos of the organization. In the debrief, the participants develop plans to maximize the depth and breadth of their existing networks for the benefit of each other, their organizations and for their own careers.



The League of Stars simulation series has consistently been rated by participants as one of the most powerful training experiences they have encountered. Launched in 1999, the program continues to be experienced by thousands of managers from across the world.

Client: The Boeing Corporation

What Our Clients Say

“This was a fantastic way to get to know others while learning about the importance of building our connections and network.”



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