Program Details

  • Target Audience:For people leaders and/or teams leading transformation and change who wish to strengthen their leadership and management skills around enabling teams, aligning to mission, innovation, adaptation and managing change.
  • Number of Participants:The recommended minimum number of participants is 18 and the maximum is 36. The simulation can be scaled to accommodate multiple sets of 36.
  • Program Duration:3½ hours.
  • Program Delivery:The program is designed to easily ‘snap-into’ a larger learning event, conference or in-class training program. This unique and creative experience has been used in a number of configurations for thousands of managers around the world to highlight the challenges and opportunities of managing and leading ‘from the middle’ of large organizations.
  • Simulation 4 of the Five-Simulation Series


Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a deeper understanding of what an organizational culture is, why it is important, and the forces that shape it.
  • Gain a strong appreciation of the value of cultural diversity, the positive benefits of respecting and valuing cultural differences, and the costs associated when this does not happen.
  • Learn to respect others’ historical and cultural differences and build commitment by creating a common, positive future together.
  • Appreciate the impact that an organization’s history has on its current practices.
  • Understand the barriers that can be created as organizations struggle with mergers.

“This simulation can be used as an independent experience or can “snap together” as part of the League of Stars leadership series. This series is often used across multiple days for more immersive and intensive multi-day leadership development programs.”

“The power of culture to shape behavior and the importance of sharing, celebrating and leveraging our unique history and diversity. ”

Summary of the Experience

The WorldView simulation offers participants the opportunity to experience and confront some of the most challenging and important elements of organizational life: the power of culture to shape behavior and the importance of sharing, celebrating and leveraging our unique history and diversity.

WorldView is set on what once was the most beautiful, colorful, diverse and prosperous planet in the universe. However, that was the past. Something happened that changed all of that and the planet is now dull and grey. Great walls have been built between the different parts of the planet, dividing the life forms. Isolation leads first to growing ignorance, then to rising suspicion, which leads to escalating fear. Finally, the once-peaceful planet is on the verge of war!

The time-constrained mission involves teams exploring the planet of WorldView, where participants need to learn about and learn from the three life forms on the planet: the Grenics, the Orangamods, and the Purps. They must discover the banned “Book of History” buried beneath the surface of the planet. This will allow them to understand the forces that have led to the monumental conflict that threatens to tear the planet apart, and may help them repair the deep divide between the life forms. But they only have a short amount of time to solve these puzzles as a team in order to stop this impending war.

Will the life forms and the planet be doomed to repeat history, or will they learn how to stop the cycle, break down the walls that prevent them from understanding each other, and finally save themselves and the planet?


The debrief is based on a frank and open dialogue examining their own organization’s current practices related to their most valuable resource: people. Participants explore current issues around diversity, respect and the leadership commitments it takes to build safe, diverse and productive teams that celebrate differences and leverage multiple perspectives and talents. This valuable discussion sets the stage for the immediate transfer and application of their insights to their work and their teams.



The League of Stars simulation series has consistently been rated by participants as one of the most powerful training experiences they have encountered. Launched in 1999, the program continues to be experienced by thousands of managers from across the world.

Client: The Boeing Corporation

What Our Clients Say

“I learned, for the first time, the power of learning from the experience, not just the knowledge. I was able to feel the experience.”



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