“As a global community, we are on the cusp of a revolution that is merging the best of learning, storytelling and deep data; manifesting through all devices, platforms and blended environments. This is our work, passion and purpose.”

– Don Jones, Founder and President

Immersive Learning Platform

Our Immersive Learning Platform (ILP) is a disruptive learning technology that we leverage to create realistic, engaging digital immersive worlds. Within these worlds, we help our clients to shift mindset and change behaviors, to increase learning engagement and to increase direct on-the-job transfer and impact.

People learn best through experience; by having authentic interactions and agency, by making mistakes and learning outside of real-world risks and penalties. Through our digital simulations, leaders enter story-rich, complex and immersive simulated worlds that engage and challenge them both intellectually and emotionally. Our simulations are rated as the top leadership digital programs by our clients. The lessons learned are remembered, transferred and applied back on the job through our proprietary Digital Mentor™ technology. Deep learning pedagogy, rich story creation, business depth and human-factor design principles drive the multiplatform tools and analytics. From simulated practice to tracked and measured on-the-job execution, each experience is focused on sustainable behavior change that makes an impact on leaders and their teams. From ten to 10,000 leaders can participate 24/7 on multiple platforms and devices. We have multi-player synchronous simulations that are experienced by leaders across multiple geographies and time zones. We also provide single player immersive experiences that fit into each leader’s schedule and life. These single player simulations can be stopped and started as suits each person’s agenda.

We have designed deep leadership, management, culture alignment and sales development simulation for clients in almost every industry. Our digital simulations are now actively running across four continents, in over 24 countries for global and local organizations as well as at 88 universities around the world.

Our simulations and immersive leadership programs are available on multiple platforms and devices, including iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android.

Customized Guidance and Feedback

Our digital simulations leverage our proprietary Digital Mentor™ technology to provide individualized feedback built on our always-accessible global digital Immersive Learning Platform.™ The Digital Mentor™ tracks every choice, behavior, action or inaction, and provides customized feedback for each individual leader.

These lessons then can ‘jump on to’ a leader’s mobile device to help them transfer and translate their Digital Mentor customized lessons into just-in-time reminders, recommendations, and references to help them apply the lessons they’ve learned with their teams.

Samples of our Digitally Customized Experiences

In partnership with our clients, we can customize our off-the-shelf digital experiences for powerful, scalable global implementation. With your team, we define the real-world challenges that will deliver the learning experience you need, target the key behaviors that will drive your success, determine the medium for your particular audience and design the right immersive experience for you, whether it’s a small, in-classroom group or thousands of employees around the world.




ABB Sales Simulator