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Experience It inc. is a global leadership development company. We lay the cultural tracks to accelerate your transformation.


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For 30 years, global organizations have turned to us to design and deliver engaging classroom and immersive digital simulations to help their people leaders practice, master, and exercise the behaviors critical to their strategic successes and transformations.

Our clients have leveraged the power of our simulations to align their leadership behaviors to implement a critical new initiative or strategy in multiple languages across 28 countries. Over three decades, we have shifted the behaviors of more than 140,000 leaders at many of the world’s leading companies, including GE, Microsoft, Whirlpool, ABB, Bayer, Bloomberg, GlaxoSmithKline, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bank of Montreal, RioTinto Alcan, Cisco, Boeing and many more.

These organizations understand the importance of changing both the mindsets and behaviors of their leaders who are tasked with leading digital transformations, executing new strategies, cultural realignment and more. Empirical research shows that leveraging highly engaging, story-driven, behaviorally focused simulations, in both the classroom and virtually, is the most effective methodology in shifting mindsets and changing behaviors of leaders. Leaders learn best through experience.

Our Passion

We are passionate about helping leaders develop mindsets, deepen their knowledge and increase their confidence in order to make an impact in their everyday work.

It is possible to create massive cultural shifts, change behaviors and transfer and sustain that change through powerful experiential learning. These new behaviors and mindsets can align and also help shape and evolve an organization’s values, brands, strategies and vision. This change is not only achievable, but is precisely what leaders require to be inspired by and in their work.

“Simulations make learning experiential. Lectures talk about doing the work; simulations allow you to do it. They let us spend less time talking … and more time actually doing, which is the key to building expertise and increasing performance.”

Natalia Preiss-Seybold
GE Senior Design Consultant, Leadership Learning & Talent Development

Our History

As a student, I admired Thoreau’s book Walden; or, Life in the Woods and his direct experiment with life and his pursuit of direct experience. I wondered what I might learn if I created my own social experiment in the context of a modern life.

I left a job in the Olympics to venture into the wild of the business world, stripped of all but the very essentials. I wanted to experience business at its most basic and primitive level. I walked into the “woods” on October 22, 1988. I had $200 in hard cash ready to “invest.” I was facing my two options, the phone or the door. Make a call (to whom or for what, I wasn’t sure) or walk out the door (to where wasn’t clear).

As we edge closer to our 30th year in this experiment, I am grateful for the many people that have made that happen and to the lessons they have provided about the essential DNA elements of business. These essential elements are not the external resources but rather the internal ones. That is why we have built our company around elevating the brilliant leaders in the middle of your company. You already have the consultants you “can’t afford to hire.” Their collective brilliance, energy, and insights about both the front-line work and their sightlines across organizational silos make them the most valuable and underutilized resources of our time.

But research shows they are checking out and disengaging at the exact time they are most required for the digital transformations and changes their organizations are going through. If you care about the transformation of your company, and the critical role that your valuable leaders need to play, please take a moment and read our white paper on Why Digital Transformation Must Be Designed and Owned by the Middle.

Clients who seek out our team are looking for a trusted partner that can help them with their most important people leadership and transformational initiatives. It has been a privilege to work with our current clients over the past three decades. It would be a pleasure to talk with you about where your organization needs to go next. The first step is engaging and involving your talented leaders. We would love to play an important role in making that happen together.

Don Jones
Founder and Chief Experience Designer

Our Team

From our Toronto headquarters, we lead a global team of 100 senior experiential learning program design and learning facilitators. Our team members, who specialize in leadership development, facilitation, simulation design, creative writing, project and event management and more, live and work in 22 countries on four continents, and speak more than a dozen languages.

Don Jones Founding President
Margot Clayton Managing Partner
Timothy Delroy Program Manager
Stephanie Vincent Fulfillment Manager and Editor
Julius Joaquin Director of Art and Marketing
Tringa Rexhepi Project Manager
Bertran Aguiar Product Manager / Designer
Oleg Samus Senior Software Architect
Yury Selivanov Technical Director, Product Design
Elvis Pranskevichus Technical Director, Server Development
Ron Christian Senior Consultant and Lead Facilitator
Patrick Sherlock Senior Experience Designer and Facilitator
Mary Giardina Facilitator
Ken Victor Facilitator and Designer
Ivan Cage Facilitator
Tiffany Pettiford-McMillian Facilitator
Belinda Clemmensen Facilitator and Designer
Linda Cuthbert Facilitator
Jim Rush, Ph.D. Facilitator and Designer
Clair Duff Facilitator