Program Details

  • Target Audience: This virtual simulation was designed for ABB sales professionals.
  • Number of Participants: As the simulation is experienced synchronously, it can be played with a minimum of three participants, but five is recommended. The team consists of five people: a sales manager, a marketing manager, and three sales professionals. There is no limit to the number of teams playing concurrently.
  • Program Duration: Over the course of three hours, participants play three simulated sales periods set on the fictional island of Phredonia
  • Program Delivery: ABB is built on our Immersive Learning Platform, a highly versatile and adaptive architecture. It can be downloaded and experienced on Windows and iOS.

Learning Outcomes

  • Generating Demand: It is not enough to sit around and “aggressively wait for an RFP.” Learn how to search for opportunities and generate demand from leads that appear in everyday life. News reports, internet postings, job postings – these can all lead you to spot customers’ underlying needs. Merely reacting to formal customer inquiries limits potential, both in this digital sales simulation and in real life.
  • Creating Value Propositions: When customers are pressured to control costs, crafting a compelling value proposition explains how your offerings are superior to your competitors’ offerings, on the things that matter most to them. Aligning the value of your solution’s benefits with your customers’ pain points allows both of you to profit.
  • Investing Time Effectively: The simulation environment is a busy place – just like in real life. Identifying the most important activities and following a plan is more effective than reacting to the noise around you.

Summary of the Experience

Participants are immersed in a digital learning experience that offers them the opportunity to apply their strengths and talents in a real-world simulated sales environment. Their goal is to both move opportunities down the sales pipeline, while maximizing opportunities to grow them, and avoiding the risks of losing clients to competitors in the marketplace.

Participants will be challenged to generate, grow, and move the right accounts forward in an environment with limited time and resources. There will be no time to simply “quote and hope.” Success will come from understanding and applying the proven strategy of high performers who are able to optimize the pipeline, and invest in growing and moving the right opportunities forward. The key is applying sales processes that are memorable, helpful and aligned with customer behaviors.

There are a wide variety of situations and accompanying strategies that will require participants to carefully allocate their time, talent, and priorities. Some of these include: responding to email and other communication, contacting potential customers, attending virtual meetings, leveraging key players (champions, customers, and team members), and investing time and resources to move and grow sales opportunities. These behavioral experiences will leave participants with a sense of pride in being sales professionals, along with an appreciation for the importance of their role.

Ultimately, the team is responsible for growing the company’s market share in the fictional island of Phredonia. Each team will race to maximize the value of its sales pipeline and win major deals, with the hope of beating other teams and securing the highest score.


At the end of each of the three sales periods, our proprietary Digital Mentor presents the participants with a series of dashboards that provide in-depth feedback on the decisions they made and on a series of sales-specific behavioral metrics with regard to both team and individual performance within the simulation. While the sales teams do not compete directly, a leaderboard shows participants how their teams measure up against other teams in their cohort, region, or against the all-time highest scores.



We accelerated the rapid global adoption of critical new selling skills and behaviors for one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world. We created a virtual team environment where five players can simultaneously assemble as a virtual team from five sites competing for business inside a complex, challenging and competitive simulated world. The program is currently rolling out around the world and is being translated into multiple languages.

Client: ABB

What Our Clients Say

“At the end of the simulation, the participants say, ‘we did everything we could do and we finally won.’ The simulation encourages them to go through a process: What steps haven’t I taken? What issues do I need to address to win this contract? We ended up with a very good product.”

Group VP Marketing and Sales


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