Our manifesto, on the design of human experience, is an evolving exploration as much as it is a statement about what we have learned and what is important to us. On one level it articulates our beliefs about sustaining behavioral change through exceptional learning, design and human experience. On another level it speaks to what we have come to understand about what it really takes to make lasting and profound strategic and cultural shifts within our client organizations. At still another and more fundamental level it is about what makes us human.

The following design elements are the ‘strange attractors’ that create profound and meaningful shifts in both the process of our work and the outcomes we achieve together with our clients and partners. These ideas drive our design and business innovation and collectively they form the heart of our raison d’être.

Where do we start in design of learning experience?

Most people start from learning outcomes. We start from an emotional connection to the learning outcome. Not only what is the benefit to the organization of this change, but also why would the participants care about this as a human being. We have to reach and challenge them intellectually but also fully engage them emotionally. The story emerges, in pulsing, living form, from the heart of the problem; it doesn’t descend coolly from the head.

By Don Jones