Margot Clayton

Margot Clayton is the managing partner of Experience It Inc. She is the driving force behind the business, with a strong event management background that has helped our company develop expertise in sophisticated projects and global rollouts.

Margot is responsible for overseeing company operations, including working with colleagues to establish innovative ideas and processes; supporting the promotion and delivery of simulations to clients around the world; short- and long-term planning for the company; financial planning, and staff hiring, training and review.

Margot has managed successful projects in simulation design, delivering programs for our client list, ranging from Procter & Gamble and Boeing to Alcan in 20 countries and 10 languages. Margot has developed systems for our clients to be involved in design, development and delivery, ensuring that we optimize their organizational objectives. She collaborates with our team of experience designers, facilitators and clients and creates project plans that take into account all logistical considerations, including dates and timelines, client checkpoints and processes, contracts, schedules, budgets and staffing for both national and international training and development projects.

Margot also serves as general manager for e! Property Management, a division of Experience It Inc. that manages the company’s property holdings.

In her career, Margot served as project director at the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Victoria, British Columbia, where she developed and rolled out a four-year event plan, working closely with government officials, sponsors, broadcasters, volunteers and athletes. She was also responsible for recruiting, establishing roles and training more than 400 volunteers to host this 27-country event. She also served as executive director of the National Sports Governing Body, an organization that oversees provincial and national sports events.

Margot earned a bachelor of commerce degree in sports administration with honors at Laurentian University. She also earned an advanced project management certification from Stanford University. Outside of the office, Margot is an avid photographer and traveler.