Elvis Pranskevichus

Elvis Pranskevichus brings more than a decade of professional experience to his role as technical director of server development at Experience It Inc. His expertise covers the designing, building and maintaining of complex software systems on all layers. Elvis considers himself a generalist who focuses on designing robust and efficient data models and services.

Elvis is the co-founder, along with colleague Yury Selivanov, of MagicStack, a consultancy that specializes in modern reactive web applications and the backend systems that power them. Elvis also has worked as a software developer at Centah Inc., a developer of cloud-based software for sales teams; and as a senior software developer and architect at Food.ca Inc., a Toronto-based information portal for the Canadian food industry.

Elvis earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science with honors from Donetsk National Technical University. Away from the keyboard, Elvis enjoys skiing, sailing and long-distance running.