Program Details

  • Target Audience:Salespeople, account executives, sales managers and anyone directly involved with the sales process. Also benefiting from this experience are those in staff and management positions whose role directly or indirectly supports the efforts of sales personnel, including senior managers, marketing, brand and product managers, as well as communications and service personnel.
  • Number of Participants:There are three to five participants per team. The recommended minimum is 25 participants and the recommended maximum is 105. We have often run multiple games with 105 people in the same large conference facility.
  • Program Duration:The program lasts three and a half to four hours, including an extensive debrief and application discussion.
  • Program Delivery:Planet X has been used as a compelling, immersive and exciting stand-alone experience and has also served as a powerful component of many broader sales and marketing training programs and conferences.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrates the increasing need for a professional account executive to add value to the customer relationship beyond “the product being sold”— for example, service, information and professional advice
  • Allows participants to experience customer’s reality first-hand and to understand how the business, the product and the sales professionals are perceived from “the other side of the table”
  • Explores the need to work on both short- and long-term sales objectives
  • Provides an intense and realistic practice field for face-to-face selling skills
  • Emphasizes the need to have an adaptable strategic sales plan
  • Illustrates the importance of understanding, segmenting and targeting the market
  • Demonstrates the crucial role that gathering and sharing information plays to the selling process
  • Illustrates the critical role played by the support functions to the sales team and the need for the entire team to commit to sales goals


“The customers are each given individual establishments to operate for three simulated years…”

Summary of the Experience

This immersive, competitive and exciting simulation leads to learning outcomes that can be applied immediately on the job. It is an experiential learning exercise that allows participants to explore how well they practice effective prospecting, listening, closing and maintaining long-term sales relationships based on value-added relationships, sales and service. It also underlines the importance of strong internal relationships between account executives, sales managers and marketing leaders. In a simulation of real-world circumstances, participants are engaged in all of the challenges of building and maintaining a customer base in a competitive market. It can also provide some participants the unique and unforgettable experience of what it’s like to be on the receiving (customer) end of that business-building effort.

Participants are divided into two groups: (1) sales and marketing teams and (2) customers. The customers are each given individual establishments to operate for three simulated years. The sales and marketing teams compete to sell their particular brands of Intergalactic Water and Ice to the restaurants and bars on Planet X. Each brand has its own history, product features and traditional markets. The consumers of these products have a set of preferences that is attractive to one of the three customer groups that frequent the establishments on the planet. Each sales team is challenged to ensure that they modify their strategic plans and resources to effectively respond to the changing economic, political and social profiles on the planet over time.

The teams must gather and share information, develop strategies and promotions, sell and service customers and react to the dramatic changes sweeping the planet. The customers will feel the effects of the entire sales process and will be faced with the rewards of building beneficial relationships and the penalties of short-term thinking. As the years progress, the account executives and teams that succeed will be the ones who listen and execute well, as well as the ones that have built long-term relationships with their customer base.


Team results are tallied, a winning team is recognized and participants jump into a spirited debrief, through which powerful and relevant sales lessons are mined. The perspectives come from both the experience of the account executives and their teams, as well as from the customers. Account executives and sales managers leave with a renewed commitment to exceeding targets, growing existing accounts, developing new markets and understanding the real needs of their clients and their clients’ customers.



Our clients consistently rate our simulations with some of the highest Net Promoter Scores in their leadership academies because they engage, challenge, inspire and develop their leaders and result in measurable, long-term behavioral changes.

What Our Clients Say

“Planet X took our sales group to a new level of learning. We have just completed a full debrief and follow-up with our sales team back on the job. Planet X scored exceptionally high on everyone’s list. Most importantly every participant commented that the simulation had a positive impact on their daily work activity.”

Greg Mcnamara
Director, Sales Development

Client - Molson Coors Breweries inc.

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