Program Details

  • Target Audience:For people leading transformation initiatives who wish to strengthen leadership and management skills that are required for large-scale change as well as individual evolution.
  • Number of Participants:The simulation can accommodate multiple teams. The recommended minimum per team is 16. The recommended maximum is 30.
  • Program Duration:The program lasts between one and a half and two days.
  • Program Delivery:Mission Possible can be run as a stand-alone program or as a customized experiential component of a broader management or team development program.

Learning Outcomes

  • Providing a practice field for leaders and their teams to understand their critical role in organizational transformation
  • Critically managing and influencing strategic relationships up, down and across the organization
  • Developing and effectively communicating a “case for action” while managing change
  • Aligning and unleashing talent: creating alignment around mission, objectives, values and strategy and then unleashing the talent in the middle
  • Understanding the impact of your behaviors on others when managing change in a complex and ever-changing environment
  • Navigating ambiguity: providing leaders an opportunity to step way out of their normal ways of thinking and behaving to deal with a truly ambiguous and complex challenge
  • Developing resiliency: learning from and leveraging failure
  • Experiencing the importance of mission clarity and communication
  • Assessing risk and encouraging appropriate experimentation and innovation
  • Understanding the power of values: determining a team’s shared values that can guide the transformation
  • Working across boundaries: fostering collaboration within and between teams
  • Sharing leadership: setting the stage for leadership to be shared by team members


“Mission Possible is a unique and engaging enterprise simulation that dramatically brings to life the core principles of transformation…”

Summary of the Experience

Mission Possible is a unique and engaging enterprise simulation that dramatically brings to life the core principles of transformation and the role of middle leaders and managers and their teams in leading change in an experiential, immersive and increasingly digital world.

A heist team takes over a nuclear plant, threatening to execute their “plan” in 90 minutes if the government doesn’t comply with their demands.

The clock is ticking. The teams execute their Alpha Mission … and the outcome, in terms of their key performance metrics, are: decreased safety, budget overruns, and time delays. The mission often remains unaccomplished. Whatever can go wrong does.

Our expert facilitators debrief the teams, measure individual and group performance, calibrate elements such as leadership in volatile environments and the role of the talent in the middle of the company leading the change. Leveraging AI and digital, together they set improvement goals.

Immediately, the Beta Mission begins, applying the Alpha Mission’s “Leadership Through Transformation – Key Principles and Lessons.” The leaders also examine the importance of taking care of themselves and their teams during change, including their capacity for resiliency. The result of the Beta Mission includes improved outcomes through the application and practice of the key principles and lessons.

In a workshop on the second day of the simulation, the participants, fueled by the success of their new leadership mindsets and behaviors, discuss how they will apply these new lessons to the changes and transformations they and their teams will experience back on the jobs.

Teams prepare and present their business case and leadership plan for individual and team transformation to the “board of directors” for approval. During the presentation, they articulate the leadership and team principles that will drive their “Beta Mission’s” success. They put those leadership lessons into practice immediately in the ever-more-challenging Beta Mission.

The execution of the Beta Mission is a very different experience for the participants. Individual and team performance improves dramatically on every measurable metric. The simulation ends with an engaging ceremony where the winning team is announced and awards are given out.


Debriefs happen at the end of the Alpha and Beta missions. The Alpha Mission debrief is accompanied by a workshop that dives deep into the leadership mindset and behaviors that are required to lead through large-scale change. This session is a very interactive challenge. The teams learn “Leadership Through Transformation – Key Principles and Lessons” and they are then tasked to apply them to their organization in their key areas of change: people, process and digital and/or AI.



Through the Mission Possible simulation, we laid the cultural tracks to accelerate the roll-out of a new strategy in a massive structural and technological transformation at one of the largest U.S. energy providers. We were proud to play our part in a transformation that moved our client from a near bottom rating in their industry peer group to their current position as one of the premier companies of its type in the country.

Client: Arizona Public Service

What Our Clients Say

“This simulation is engaging, exciting and dynamic. Experience It is one of the best designers of business simulations in the world today.”

Bill Post
Senior VP

Client - Arizona Public Service Corporation

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