Program Details

  • Target Audience:For people leaders and their teams who are experiencing challenging transformations that require alignment, adaptation, innovation and a focus on the customer.
  • Number of Participants:The recommended minimum number of participants is nine, and there is no maximum. The typical class size is 20 to 40 participants; however, we have successfully delivered The Journey Home to groups of over 1,000 people.
  • Program Duration:The simulation is three hours in duration, including a 45-minute debriefing experience.
  • Program Delivery:The Journey Home is well suited as a stand-alone learning program. It can also be adapted to fit within a broader management, leadership and team training program. The Journey Home can also be used as a powerful cornerstone or anchor event in a conference.

Learning Outcomes

  • Developing and maintaining alignment to mission
  • Leading and managing in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world
  • Fostering leadership in others
  • Promoting teamwork within a team, across multiple teams and organizational silos
  • Developing innovation and creative thinking
  • Focusing on the customer
  • Improving communication and decision making
  • Promoting empowerment


“This simulation can be used as an independent experience or can “snap together” as part of the League of Stars leadership series. This series is often used across multiple days for more immersive and intensive multi-day leadership development programs.”

“It is Star Date 3000 AD and a squadron of starships is engaged in a race against time to save Earth.”


Summary of the Experience

The Journey Home is an engaging, half-day, interactive, team-based simulation. It provides participants with a powerful and relevant learning experience that sets the stage for exploring and applying teamwork and leadership lessons.

It is Star Date 3000 AD and a squadron of starships is engaged in a race against time to save Earth. There is an air of excitement, anticipation and adventure as the entry music subsides and the Journey Home begins. The star fleet commander (facilitator) provides an upbeat briefing to the participants. They learn that Earth is under attack from an alien virus. The participants, in their teams, have 20 light years within which to race across the galaxy, find the antidote and save Earth.

During the mission, teams move their starships and land on various bases throughout the galaxy as they acquire information and search for the antidote. They also encounter obstacles, including VUCA Raiders, who try to stop their progress, and Solar Storms that threaten their path. The Journey Home mission concludes with a surprising ending in which individual teams make the startling discovery that they must ultimately work together in order to save Earth.


The debrief is an engaging exploration of the Journey Home experience and of the numerous parallels, insights and lessons that participants can immediately apply back on the job. They discover and discuss lessons from their experience around alignment to mission, teamwork within a team and across multiple teams, innovation and a focus on customers.



We prepared people leaders inside a global manufacturing giant to step up and ‘lead from the middle.’ This included deep lessons in building empathy, valuing people, developing talent, using influence more than control, understanding systems, and deepening their contextual intelligence: thinking, learning and collaborating across silos.

Client: Boeing

What Our Clients Say

“This was the best management training I have experienced in my career.”

Scott Petasky
Senior vice President, Human Resources

Client - Microsoft

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