Program Details

  • Target Audience:Icarus 2.0 is designed for people leaders at all levels.
  • Number of Participants:The recommended minimum is 13. The recommended maximum is 50, with up to four competing Icarus 2.0 companies. Larger numbers can be accommodated.
  • Program Duration:Approximately 11 hours threaded across two or three days (in three 3.5-hour modules).
  • Program Delivery:Icarus 2.0 can be used as a standalone learning event for managers along with a customized three-hour Icarus 2.0 Impact workshop. It can also be incorporated as part of a broader organizational training and development program.

Learning Outcomes

People, Process, and Intelligent Machines: Leading in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous and increasingly digital world requires a simultaneous focus on people, processes, and intelligent machines. Icarus 2.0 challenges participants in the following areas:

  • Global leadership, strategic thinking and planning are required to lead change in the simulation company. Beginning with talent selection and continuing with the creation of a vision, leaders must communicate, inspire and motivate their teams to successfully execute their strategies in a competitive market. An online digital selection process is an available option, which allows leaders to create a brief video and apply for the CEO position.
  • Business acumen is required to optimize the levers that lead to performance as measured in the simulation by financial returns and ROI. The leader must manage the risks across the portfolio of brands and products to achieve the highest financial results and customer loyalty scores.
  • Commercial growth as a rigorous measure of leadership behavior is achieved by analyzing market information to make decisions that show a deep understanding of the customer, supplier, market, economic trends and disruptive technologies. The leader’s ability to adapt and innovate will be demonstrated by his or her decisions and accompanying negotiations, as well as the ability to anticipate and replace products within the simulation.
  • Innovative thinking in the digital marketplace will be required to interpret data and recognize emerging markets and trends. The leader will need to think systematically and holistically to identify digital opportunities in order to innovate for the company on behalf of the customer.
  • Operational intelligence is demonstrated by the leader’s ability to negotiate, build and manage a supply chain with a portfolio of brands and products. The leader will be challenged to match a shifting demand with an even more volatile supply chain, while being required to deliver greater value for customers.


“Success requires a sophisticated deep drill into the underlying strategic and cultural elements… ”


Summary of the Experience

In this dynamic business simulation, participants are fully immersed in a futuristic VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, where they are tasked with leading a company that manufactures rocket engines in an emerging digital environment.

Building a successful strategy requires the leaders to simplify processes and systems, take acceptable risks, increase experimentation and innovation and optimize the human-digital partnership, all while empowering and inspiring others.

Success requires a sophisticated deep drill into the underlying strategic and cultural elements that drive the digital and human transformation by leveraging business leadership skills. Participants must effectively employ systems thinking, execute their company’s strategies, consider the multiple impacts on the supply chain and negotiate the customer demand at the trade partner level.

Throughout the simulation, participants begin to learn that success requires going beyond implementing traditional business skills and “bottom-line number crunching.” Leadership requires simultaneous focus on people, processes and intelligent machines. It also requires a sophisticated strategic interpretation of market knowledge within a diverse brand and product portfolio. The Icarus 2.0 teams must move beyond incremental change to transformational change through their ability to develop a deep and intimate understanding of the work and the customer.


Debriefs throughout the Icarus 2.0 experience highlight and leverage the significant parallels to the participants’ own organizational realities and set the stage for individual executive leadership development in the area of leading teams in a VUCA world and achieving transformational change.



This people leadership program received the highest Net Promoter Scores in one of the world’s leading corporate leadership academies. Through the Icarus 2.0 simulation, Experience It inc. helped leaders of a major industrial company understand and practice adaptive and creative leadership behaviors to accelerate its transformation to become the world’s premiere digital/industrial company.

Client: General Electric

What Our Clients Say

“I appreciate the incredible attention to detail that has gone into this simulation and the powerful leadership lessons that are discovered. It’s an incredible journey and so timely in today’s increasingly digital world.”

Client - General Electric

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