Program Details

  • Target Audience: This digital simulation is designed for managers and executives, both new and experienced in their roles, and looking to expand their leadership thinking.
  • Number of Participants: Perfect for a geographically dispersed workforce, Infinity can be easily rolled out to global audiences of 10 to 10,000, either integrating with your corporate LMS and network architecture, or living completely independent. As a single-player simulation that can be stopped and started as the learner’s time allows, participants don’t need to wait for training to occur, it can easily be accessed 24/7/365 at anyplace and anytime.
  • Program Duration: Infinity – The People Leadership Experience is a single-player immersive, three-episode simulation that can be stopped and started as the learner’s time allows. Each episode takes 90-120 minutes to finish, and the Digital Mentor feedback and debriefing takes an additional 30- 40 minutes. The Infinity Leadership Coaching App occurs twice weekly after each Episode to support the Leader in retention, application and impact with their teams.
  • Program Delivery: Infinity – The People Leadership Program is an immersive, three-episode simulation that participants can experience on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android tablets.

Learning Outcomes

The rules of the leadership game are changing, meaning higher competition and intense pressures on cost and revenue. New risks are emerging while technology is disrupting the way that work gets done. Change is becoming the new normal for leadership. Infinity is your leadership practice field designed to shift mindsets and change behaviors. Across the three dramatic and engaging episodes, you will discover, practice, and gain customized feedback in the following four learning pillars:


  • Build a High-Performance Team: Through discovering, aligning, and developing talent through focused coaching and increased listening.
  • Create an Adaptive and Innovative Culture: By communicating a clear vision, empowering others, and developing a culture of experimentation.
  • Increase Contextual Intelligence: Through broadening understanding, seeing interdependencies, and using influence more than control to shape winning outcomes.
  • Optimize the Human-Digital Partnership: By ensuring that digital technology and organizational systems and processes are redesigned to optimize an increasingly sophisticated, interconnected, and adaptive workforce.

Summary of the Experience

Each of the three episodes focuses on and builds upon the lessons learned in the previous simulation.


The first episode focuses on getting to know your people and building and leading your team.


The second episode widens your scope around how you lead your team inside an interconnected enterprise, and challenges you to use more sophisticated managerial actions to uncover talents and attributes, discover engagement drivers and align those with key roles and assignments.


The third episode further expands your leadership challenges around how you lead your team inside a changing internal and external reality. It takes you into a much more digital and challenging VUCA World (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) where the Factory needs to unleash the creative potential of each employee to contribute to the success of the team and the enterprise.

Infinity takes leaders from ‘Taylorism’ to a technologically enabled VUCA environment across three challenging, immersive, interactive, and engaging episodes. Each episode and the overall trilogy is designed to ensure that the lessons learned are transferred to real life in real time with immediate impact in the workplace.

As a player progresses through the game, the episodes become more complex, challenging, and sophisticated. The player takes on the role of a manager within a large company, leading and managing a team of five people in a factory setting. Each team member has a distinct personality and set of talents and skills. Each has personal and professional aspirations, strengths, and weaknesses.

Players find themselves developing relationships with each of their team members because of the depth of the story line, the nuance of the character development and the research built into the narrative and business structures. The player’s challenges include hiring, discovering and aligning talent to specific roles and assignments, building skills, conducting ongoing conversations with employees, managing turnover as top talent leaves early in the game, and managing transitions. The player must also manage up and across organizational silos, developing and widening their ‘contextual intelligence’ lens.

Throughout the simulation, each of your employees (non-player characters with whom you have interacted in detailed conversations in each episode) gives you direct feedback on your managerial style and choices. They help you to see how your actions and the conversations they had with you impacted them and the team’s engagement. Then the Digital Mentor provides a more researched view of your choices that gives you a higher perspective on what has transpired and provides you with alternatives to Continue and Consider from 4 Leadership Pillars, 8 Leadership Behaviors and 24 Leadership Competencies. Participants are given the opportunity to see themselves, to experiment with new managerial styles and behaviors in a super-realistic, but safe, immersive simulated world. They receive feedback and can evolve their leadership choices and behaviors as they progress through each of the three episodes.


The game tracks each player’s progress and provides individual feedback through our proprietary Digital Mentor™ technology. The Digital Mentor provides a customized report that analyzes each player’s decisions (such as feedback shared with employees), and how those actions related to the team’s and the factory’s performance. The feedback happens on three levels:

Playbacks of important conversations between the player and employees. The employees provide direct 360 Degree Feedback on the important conversations the player had with them in that episode. The player very clearly hears the employee’s perspective on their choices and behaviors as a leader, giving insight into their management styles. All five employees—as well as Laura, the boss—provide this feedback to the player in conversation mode.

Deep Leadership and Managerial Research. The Digital Mentor tracks the choices and actions of the leader and compares that to 50 different researched leadership and managerial behaviors. These behaviors are subsets of the four key learning outcomes. Patterns are recognized and a Digital Mentor report is created that begins with the four quadrants and provides an analysis of areas for the player to explore. Each area of feedback is broken into a recognition of the pattern of choices, a comparison to what the research says and some suggestions for further reading on a particular topic if the leader wants to learn more. Finally, it makes some suggestions around what to ‘continue’ doing because the leader is doing very well in these areas; or things to ‘consider’ changing where appropriate in the next episode.

An analysis of the player’s contextual awareness of the broader organization. Based on a player’s game actions, the Digital Mentor will analyze whether he or she is focused on his or her individual role more than what is occurring throughout the factory. For leaders in large companies, too narrow a focus can have a negative impact on performance. Leaders with a broad contextual awareness of how the team’s actions affect the larger business context are apt to better understand how their work influences others and therefore can be more effective.



To achieve rapid scale and robustly supported transfer to application, we leveraged our digital People Leadership Experience for a leading global industrial organization. The simulated world delivered a first-of-its- kind behavioral experience and provided each people leader with customized Digital Mentor™ feedback. The program was rolled out and made available on multiple platforms and devices including iOS, Mac OS, Windows and Android.

Client: General Electric

What Our Clients Say

“It’s the magic of the ability to weave a robust story that inspires someone to think beyond who they are. The player is not listening to the story; they are a character in the story. So now everything comes to life … You can be who you are; you can start to think about who you want to be, and practice the skills that will let you do that. It inspires you to dream big.”

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CLIENT - General Electric

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Infinity – The Leadership Development Experience

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